Abiotic comes from the greek and means “without life”. There are things in the world that are said to not be living and yet they are in motion, can store information and are crucial building blocks for the bodies of creatures.

In societies with an animistic view of the world, things such as stones, water, crystals are believed to have certain powers, capabilities and even a soul. Life is embedded in a cosmos of cycles that run their course and are in motion. The circulation of blood in my veins, the circulation of water that runs through all continents and oceans, the cycle of stone as well as of our planet itself are part of a gigantic cycle comprising the planets and the universe.

If these cycles came to a halt, then life, providing it could continue at all, would be fundamentally different …

With the this series of work I am in search of the animacy of the supposed unliving.

Simona Koch, February 2014